Remember the 90s? Remember when it was totally cool to walk around in clothing two sizes too big? According to, there are quite a few fashion channels out there and they’re all saying that baggy is out and tight is in.

When it comes to pants and shirts – whether you are buying clothing or designing your own – it’s important to make sure the stuff fits to your body. Obviously you don’t want to go buying anything that’s two sizes too small, but where fashion is heading, it’s less about the bag and more about the tight. People don’t want to have to imagine what you look like – your clothes should fit you in such a way that it accentuates your features.

Fashion, in many ways, is one of the primary forms of self-expression. We use fashion to tell people what we’re all about. The wilder the fashion usually means the more confidence you possess and the more form-fitting the clothing, the more you demonstrate your own acceptance and confidence in the way you look.

Anything baggy threatens to obscure what you were born with and that says volumes about you and how you see yourself. If you need further proof that the baggy phase is out, look at stores like Belk. You won’t find that kind of stuff in there.

These days, clothing design is a very popular field to get into, especially for those who would consider themselves to be more of the creative type. However, one of the biggest difficulties that people tend to encounter when getting started in the world of clothing design is simply being able to find their own unique and signature style. After all, this is something that needs to be obtained in order for designers to stand out and be truly successful in their careers. So what are some tips that you can keep in mind as a way of finding your Read the rest of this entry »

Sheer clothing is a spring and summer staple in any fashionable woman’s wardrobe. The light see-through look of sheer fabric can be both demure and seductive. But sheer fabrics can be a challenge for the home sewer unless you choose the correct fabric for the look and style you want.

Lace is a fabric that has been used for centuries and is known by the intricate open work designs. Lace can be made from cotton, silk or synthetic fibers and can be simple or very ornate in Read the rest of this entry »

When you make your own clothes, you are the designer. You have so many more choices when it comes to fabric selection. Sewing supply stores offers thousands of fabrics in a variety of materials to suit any sewing project. It is not hard to get started making your own clothes. All you need is a sewing machine, fabric, threat and a pattern. Start with a simple sewing project such as making a skirt.

Practice sewing a straight line on a scrap of Read the rest of this entry »

The first step of the draping process is to prepare the form. The form can be a live model or a mannequin. Measure the form in order to prepare your dress for draping. During the draping process the size and shape of the dress must be taken into consideration. The measurements will also help to mark the center of the dress form. Select a fabric that is easy to manage prior to draping the Read the rest of this entry »

Capri pants are fun to wear and this year, plaid is popular. It is a little tricky to match the plaid, but with some forethought, it can be done. Take a look at the pants in the popular departments stores and it is surprising to see that many of the plaids don’t match. But when sewing the pants, there is no reason not to have them matching at the seams.

Always be aware that extra material will be needed Read the rest of this entry »

Trends in fashion change every year. The short skirt, the mini skirt, the maxi, are all variations and it is hard to keep up with what is the latest fashionable thing to wear. Who wants to keep up with the trends anyway? Why not pull out that skirt that comes to the middle of the knee and call it good? No one has to change with every trend, but it is fun to do and most people enjoy the change. The best part is, it doesn’t Read the rest of this entry »

Anyone can create a beautiful clothing design in a cotton fabric, but it has been done. A great way to update designs today is by using exciting and different fabric choices. While basic cotton, linen, or polyester certainly have their places in the world of fashion, an up to date designer knows how to make savvy fabric choices such as ramie or silk for natural fiber choices and olefin or furs for man-made fabric choices.

Ramie is one of the oldest Read the rest of this entry »

People that like to sew can save a whole lot of money. All that they have to do is go out and get the materials. This is the first step in preparing to sew a classic white shirt. Trial and error is the best learning experience.

The white shirt is an easy concept because there are no designs. All that a person has to do is go and get some material for the shirt. They can get a sewing machine and buy a pattern. When they follow the instructions to the pattern they will have a finished product. Read the rest of this entry »